TSG Force V Knee Pad


The Force V A knee pad is modeled on jono Schwan’s low-profile, hard cap vert pad, but offers the enhanced protection and comfort of an extra layer of Arti-Lage Foam.

Like Force V an anti-shift silicone printed liner and two adjustable Neoprene butterfly straps provide pro level custom fit and security, while the extra layer of foam give the pad added form-fitting comfort and protection from bails.

Bring on the vert!


  • Hardshell Construction
  • Arti-Lage foam
  • Multi-layer EVA foam on and around knee
  • Replaceable PE knee cap
  • EN 14120 CE certified


  • Pre-shaped design
  • Strong Cordura fabric
  • Reinforced at critical stress points
  • Horseshoe Shape
  • Enlarged coverage
  • Anti-shift silicon print
  • Neoprene butterfly strap
  • Top Velcro 360° strap
  • Adjustable bottom Velcro strap with snap buckle
  • Comfortable lining
  • Open-back design
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Force V Knee Pad

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