Riedell Blue STREAK Sport Skates


Introducing the quintessential Blue Streak skates!

These skates are a game changer, and Roller Derby will never be the same again!

The signature Riedell Blue Streak series has been years in the making, and tested by the best skaters in the sport of Roller Derby. Specifically designed to be durable, but with an easier break-in process than standard high-grain leather boots. Powered by performance features that allow a skater to progress with propelled functionality and overall prowess.


Blue Streak Sport Blue Streak Sport Pro
Boot: Blue Streak Blue Streak
Plate: Rival Alu Reactor Pro
Wheels: Villain 84A Presto 59mm 95A
Bearings: Zenith Swiss Nitride
Toe Stop: Moonwalker Moonwalker

Available in:

Sizes: 2-13 Full & Half – B/AA (Delta) width

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Riedell Blue STREAK Sport Skates

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