The Luigino Vertigo Q6 Boot presents the best that technology has to offer in quad boots. Patented AquaTech molding capability allows you to boil your skate boot in a bag to loosen up the leather board counters and prepare the boot for molding. Using this unique style of molding, the boot is much less susceptible to overheating and damage than traditional heat molding methods.

Barefoot Technology inside the Q6 Boot consists of both a microfiber liner and Pro Evolution Footbed that are designed to fit the shape of your foot and provide increased stability, security, and performance. Poron padding throughout the structure of the boot increases its rigidity and durability, while also offering a unique level of security to your foot and its many delicate moving parts.



• AquaTech and Leather board counters
• Pro Evolution Foot Bed (e-Soles)
• BFT (Barefoot Technology)
• Poron Padding
• Top-Grain Leather Soles (Stitched)
• ProBack
• Microfiber uppers & lining
• Ankle Powerstrap
Available in full and half sizes- size guide available here:
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