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To find out more about our programme , enter your details on this form and one of us will be in contact with you ASAP.

We are only accepting a selected number of applications each month, to ensure we can deliver the highest levels of quality and service.

To make an application on behalf of your league, enter your details. We do not accept applications made by individuals, to apply you must have authority from your league to setup this free account.

5% Cashback is paid as store credit.

5% Cashback is available on ALL products in the store

You can view our full Affiliate Terms and Conditions here



How Do Affiliate Programmes Work?

Our customers are as passionate as we are about skating, and hold invaluable information and recommendations for their own next generations of team mates.

It’s very simple.

Using your website, social media or email marketing you link to The Manchester Skate Shop (whether that’s from a banner, some text or a specific product), you will get a commission on any sales that your links refer to us.

Our website supplies you with any information you need, tracks everything and automatically pays you commission on every successful sale.



So Why Become a Affiliate?

The Manchester Skate Shop not only provides affiliate partners with a known and trusted alternative to other skate shops, we run a strong campaign with generous commissions and regular bonus incentives. We know how we would want to be treated as customers, and we strive to give that same high quality of service and support to your skaters.

Moreover, we are:

SpecialistsCompetitiveService-ledIt's EasyIt's Transparent30 Day CookieBanners
We are a specialist skate shop. Skates are what we know and love, and we’ve got wide and broad experience in a number of disciplines, and are always excited and happy to continue learning.

We work full time servicing skaters needs and have a dedication to roller skating. We are not a generalist store, we service Roller Derby Skaters and Roller Derby Leagues. We are Skater owned and operated and strongly believe in service over profits.

We price check against other suppliers frequently and aim to match or beat other leading stores.

We offer the same personal service online as we do in our stores, and we offer free delivery to any UK address for orders over £200.

We make ourselves available at all times to deal with queries and questions, we offer straightforward honest and best quality advice when it comes to products and options.

Your League can earn up to 5% commission on completed sales from traffic you send to The Manchester Skate Shop.

We’ll provide you a range of assets you need to promote The Manchester Skate Shop, such as:

  • A range of attractive bespoke graphics on a regular basis.
  • Regular bonus incentives and seasonal promotions during our key trading periods.
  • You can choose the images and links that fit best on you.
  • You can make your own graphics and promote your links using those.
You can view sales performance and commission earnings at any time by accessing reports online. With this great visibility of the performance, you can regularly optimise the links that work best and maximise your revenue. All the rest–orders, deliveries, and payment–is ensured by us.
We have a 30-day cookie period which ensures you will be awarded commission for anyone that visits via your link and purchases within 30 days.
We build bespoke banners on a regular basis. You can add these to your site or social media. Then, for every sale generated by these banners, you’ll get up to 5% commission.



If you’re confused about anything (or just want to say ‘hello’), email us anytime at [email protected]